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They say that the Mission Viejo, CA is one of the largest planned communities ever made. The United States Census Bureau believes that there could be over 93,000 full-time residents.

However, if you were to include termites in that number, it would be frightening at how many that stay here. The warm, humid breezes from Laguna Beach make them flock to our community.

Thankfully, they don’t stand a chance when you choose Affordable Termite Control for your home. More area residents know that we provide the deepest level of protection possible for less every day.

Since 1997, we’ve kept countless homeowners protected from pests, and we want to help you today. Call us now for your free termite inspection, as well as pest service options and affordable pricing.


Mission Viejo Termite Services


Because termites are similar to carpenter ants, they enjoy feeding on homes for their easy access to wood. However, unlike ants, termites have a king and a queen who must get eliminated.

All too often, pump spray formulas and prepackaged treatment options only kill the worker insects. That means that in just a few days, you’ll have more show up.

Your home needs a better level of protection to prevent future infestations. Call us for all your termite control service needs and save more with:

  • Free Termite Inspections
  • Home Construction Pretreatment
  • Termite Soil Treatment
  • Scheduled Maintenance Spraying
  • Tent & Fumigation Service
  • Termite Damage Repairs
  • And more termite control solutions.

No matter what your home needs to stay safer from termites, we offer the best quality of service around. Call us today for your termite pest control services and save more on better protection.

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Termite Inspections Mission Viejo


You can’t treat what you don’t know is there. That is why we don’t believe in charging you for your home termite inspection because you never can tell what the extent of the damage, if any, already happened.

We dive deep into your home, searching floors, crawlspaces, attics, and more. If there is any indication that you have pests, we’ll find it quickly. Our inspection process even takes our technicians around your outside perimeter where we search for mud tubes from termite colonies.

When you need to make sure that your inspection will get results, our team stays trained to check every nook. No termite will remain safe for long when we receive your call.

Contact us to give your home the best quality of inspection possible. When we keep an eye out, it means lasting protection.


Why Choose Us?


We remain the expert choice in all things termite. We arm ourselves with a non-toxic pest control formula that destroys termites onsite while leaving your family safe.

For more than 21 years, we’ve helped countless area homeowners find, remove, and prevent termite infestations. When you need to stay certain that your house remains safe, you need us today.

Don’t trust your home to just anyone. Choose your best option in termite defense with Affordable Termite Control.

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