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A thriving community arts center, scenic outdoor recreation, and coastal living makLaguna Beach, CA a top place to raise a family. However, that distinction doesn’t just apply to people.

Termites flock to California’s coasts as well because they love the hot, humid weather it creates. They start swarming each September until they find your home, where they can live undetected for months on end.

You may have termite damage behind walls or floors, but you wouldn’t even know unless you had a pest inspection performed. That is why, since 1997, Affordable Termite Control has remained the best choice in total termite services.

From free home inspections to convenient service throughout the city, you can rely on us for your best pest protection every day. Call us now to provide your home with a lasting defensive plan against termites.


Termite Specialists

Out in nature, termites are a welcomed creature because they aerate the soil by tunneling, and they compost plant materials that they eat. However, they likely can’t tell the difference between what they “should” eat and your home, which has many different building materials that they seem to enjoy.

It doesn’t take long for them to cause damage, and by the time you spot one of them, it’s already too late. That is why more extermination experts agree that you should have a home inspection at least once each year.

In addition to your best safety inspections, we offer all the services you need for a safer, healthier house. Call us today for complete termite protection, including:

  • Free Termite Inspection
  • Pretreatment for New Construction
  • Perimeter Soil Treatments
  • Preventative Scheduled Maintenance
  • Tent & Fumigation Treatment
  • Termite Damage Repairs
  • And more professional termite control services.

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Whatever you need for the level of peace of mind that you need, you’ll find it for less with our team. Contact us now for your best choice in complete termite protection today.


Why Choose Us?


Termites can remain difficult to find, and even harder to treat. Most products sold in stores remain ineffective because it only covers a small area of your home.

When you set these treatments out, they only eliminate the pests that come in contact with it. However, the termites in charge of hatching new bugs are safely stashed away inside of the colony.

Even if you spend a fortune buying as many of these treatment items as possible, your pests will only continue to reappear. That is why you need an experienced group of termite pest control technicians helping you keep your home safe.

For over 21 years, we’ve remained the trusted choice in local termite protection services. Contact us to give your home the highest level of quality possible for your pest service concerns.


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The longer that you wait before calling our team, the higher the odds that your home has suffered damages from termite infestations. Call the best termite service contractors at Affordable Termite Control for your free home termite inspection.

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