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From days in the sun at Surf City to sunset drives along Pacific Coast Highway, there is plenty to love about the Huntington Beach California. However, people aren’t the only ones drawn to the community.

Termites usually prefer coastal areas that produce mostly hot, humid weather. And considering that nearly every building has wood framing, most homes remain at risk for infestations.

Since 1997, Affordable Termite Control has remained the trusted choice in home protection against pests. We provide free inspections and termite control services that keep your house safe for longer.

Choose our technicians today for better convenience and more affordable pricing. No one keeps you safer from termites as we do every day.

Termite Services Huntington Beach

We pride ourselves on delivering faster services to more area households. Wherever you happen to live in the area, we likely are already hard at work.

Waiting for service technicians is rarely a stress-free event. However, when you choose a local company to inspect your home, it means we’re just around the corner.

Hire the termite pest control company near your home for the most convenient service around. You can find us all throughout the city, including:

  • Bolsa Chica-Heil
  • Goldenwest
  • Oak View
  • Newland
  • Wintersburg
  • Garfield
  • Adams
  • Yorktown
  • Sunset Beach
  • Surfside
  • And the surrounding neighborhoods.

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You can trust our exterminators to be there when you need us the most. Call us today for all your termite service needs.


Huntington Beach Termite Service


Defending against termites is not the same as having other species of ants in your home. You can’t rely on cheap poison control products sold in stores and expect to remain safe.

Chances are if you have seen a termite in your house, they have likely been feasting on your house’s insides for months. Unfortunately, too many homeowners shrug these sightings off as it was “just one” bug.

Instead, you need us to thoroughly inspect all of your homes areas inside and out and then suggest your best course of action. Contact us for all your termite control needs, including:

  • Free Home Inspection
  • Construction Wood Pretreatment
  • Exterior Soil Treatment
  • Monthly Maintenance Service
  • Termite Fumigation Tenting
  • Damaged Wood Repairs
  • And more termite extermination services.

From the framing phase to homes that are decades old, we always provide the best in termite control options. Call us today for your home’s protection against pests.

Termite Inspection Process

Your inspection has to include everywhere, even your backyard. Most people assume that termites live in homes, sort of like when other insects start a nest somewhere in your attic or garage.

However, for many species of termites, they might find the soil around your home the more suitable place to breed more bugs. Unless we look inside, outdoors, and underneath buildings, you can’t be sure if you have pests or not.

That is why we include any crawlspaces, attics, basements, and more areas, making sure that we don’t miss a single warning sign. Those can be wood splintering in on itself, piles of what seems to be sawdust, or insect wings that have fallen off, as well as others.

Most exterminator services agree that your home should have a yearly inspection to prevent damages from happening. Call us now for your free termite inspection and know for sure that your house is free from pests.

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Termite colonies only need a few weeks to eat through your home’s wood areas. However, unless you have a certified inspector check your house out, you won’t know that they’re there until it’s too late.

Choose Affordable Termite Control for your termite protection today.

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